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Subject: Education of Rob (gay / adult youth, m/M)DISCLAIMER:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit
sexual acts of boy's discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic
scenes of sex between an underage boy and adult males... If this
type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not
read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can young hand jobs be downloaded for
personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to
re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for
permission.If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the
topic deceitful the please leave now. If you enjoy the story or if it
evokes memories of your own, please let me know. I am happy to
write stories from outlines.Copyright 2005 Wolf, All Rights Reserved.You may contact me at whitewold999icqmail.com if you like. young children porn All
flames will be ignored.
Education of Rob
When Robert's mother told him that his cousin was coming
for a visit over the weekend he was a horny thirteen-year old boy. He
had been young girl pantyhose
introduced to masturbation by an older boy and had been
masturbating daily for a couple of years. He did not think much
about the idea at the time after all he had never met this cousin
because he came from the Midwest When Friday arrived and he got home from school he found
his cousin had arrived. He was a tall handsome looking figure of a
young man in his dress blue Air Force uniform. His name was
Charles and he was nineteen-years old. He looked fit because he
was fresh out of boot camp and newly assigned to Vandenberg Air
Force Base. They spent the evening getting acquainted with the son of his
mother's sister. As the evening wore on Rob's mother asked Chuck
if it would be a problem if he shared Rob's bed. Chuck smiled and
assured her that that would not be a problem with him if Rob didn't
mind. The idea of sleeping with what he thought was a Greek God
had Rob's cock springing a boner. He blushed and hoped no one
noticed his pants tenting up as he assured them that he did not
mind at all. When they retreated to Rob's bedroom his young amateur index mother brought
them an extra towel as she said her goodnights to them and closed
the door. The bedroom was over the garage and on the other side of
the house from the master bedroom. It was very private because his
parents did like to hear the sound of his load music. Rob asked Chuck if he would like some pajamas. Chuck
assured him that he didn't like anything on when he slept. He
preferred to sleep naked. Rob could not believe his good fortune.
He told Chuck that he like to sleep naked too. The only problem was
that when Rob started taking his clothes off his bone had his jockey
shorts tented straight out in front of his body. Chuck did not seem to even notice as he stripped off his
clothes. His body did ripple with muscles and his chest did not have
any hair on it like Rob's father but he had a lot of pubic hair. His
scrotum hung down between his legs at least six inches and had a
lot of unruly hairs growing on the wrinkled sack. The cock was limp
and very large in Rob's eyes. The head had a large knob with a
purple roll that was partly covered by the skin left from where his
foreskin had been cut off as a baby. It looked like it was six or seven
inches long. Rob was all but drooling at the sight of the cock. Chuck got into bed first so that his back was against the wall.
It was going to be a tight fit because Rob's bed was only a twin sized
bed. When Rob got into bed their bodies were pressed against each
other's. Rob had to turn his back to Chucks to hide the fact that his
cock was rock hard. Chuck suggested that they spoon each other and pulled
Rob's body tightly against his body. Rob fit nicely into the curve of
Chuck's body. As they settled down Rob felt Chuck's cock pressed
against his butt. It was rock hard too. Chuck wrapped his arm
around Rob's body and started toying with his soft little boy breasts.
When he moved his hand down the boy's body he felt the boy's hard
little cock jerk when the back of his hand touched it. Chuck chuckled and said, "You must want to fool around a
little. He wrapped his hand around Rob's cock and gently stroked
the skin up and down to please the boy. At the same time his warm
cock slipped between the warm sweaty butt cheeks. He didn't try to
penetrate the anus but let it slide smoothly between the warm
valley. Chuck asked, "Have you ever sucked any of your friend's
cocks?" Rob felt a lump in his throat as he said, "No. younger shool teen
But I have
thought about it." forum young teens
Chuck sat up in bed and moved the pillow up against the
headboard and moved up until he was sitting upright with his legs
on either side of Rob's body with the knees bent. Rob found that his cousin's cock was right it front of his face.
Rob was mesmerized by the size of the cock. When it was fully hard
the thing had to be at least youngporn passwords eight inches long and curved to the right
as if the bulbous head was too heavy for the shaft. The head was
only millimeters away from his mouth. He could smell his cousin's
cock and all that did was make his cock harder. Chuck put his hands on the forum young teens back of Rob's neck and pulled his
head down until his lips were touching the head of his cock. There
was a drop of pre-cum at his piss slit. The liquid felt so slippery on
Rob's lips. He could not resist tasting the re-cum and found it made
his own cock dance. Chuck amateur homemade young asked him to open his mouth and he
did. The cock entered his mouth and youngwomen porn Rob held his mouth open.
When he got the hang of it he moved his head up and down on the
cock. His jaw got tired a couple of times before Chuck started
shooting jizzum into his mouth. Chuck held Rob's head with both hands as he shot load after
load of cum into the boy's mouth. young plumpers Rob started to chock on the liquid
at first. Chuck told him to swallow it and he did. What little cum
escaped his mouth collected around the base of Chuck's cock
matting the dark hair to his flesh. That turned out to be a very special weekend. Rob enjoyed
every minute. He got to suck Chuck's cock again the next night.
Chuck treated him to a blow-job while finger fucking his asshole too.
Rob hated to see him go back to base. A few weeks later Chuck came back for a visit with a couple
of buddies. They were in civilian clothes. One of them had a car so
the four of them went for a drive. They took the boy to a secluded
part of Griffith Park where they parked. They went for a walk up a
trail for a ways. The two guys made sure they were close enough to
Rob that they could feel up his butt. They let it be known that Chuck
had confided in them about youngwomen porn
his cock sucking skills. When they
came to a place where they could get off of the trail they found a
rock that they could use to sit on. The three of them pulled their
pants down and encouraged Rob to suck their cocks for them. Rob
even tried to suck two cocks at the same time but found that too
hard to do. Just the same by the time the three of them had to
return to their base Rob's jaw was very tired because of having to
hold his mouth open so long. That was the start of Rob's desire to
suck cock. He grew up and had some very exciting adventures over the
years. Even after getting married and having young kid mpeg three boys. They didn't
know just how much Daddy wanted to suck their young cocks.
If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about
your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your
outline to whitewold999icqmail.com
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